Monday, November 5, 2007

Fernando Botero: Abu Ghraib

Art imitates life. Fernando Botero’s series of paintings depicting the torture of Iraqi insurgents is a testimony of that. Botero got his inspiration for the paintings in this exhibit from reading official reports of the terror and torture that has been going on in Iraq. While this exhibit is painful to take in, these are images that we have been bombarded with via the news for the last five years. Botero’s focus was to “concentrate on the suffering and dignity of the victims rather than their tormentors". This exhibit will hopefully allow the public to feel more compassion for the victims of torture and not just see them as a casualty of war.
This is the first U.S. viewing of Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib runs from Nov. 6, 2007 through Dec. 30, 2007 at The Katzen Arts Center (American University Museum)