Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This morning...

Like many other Washingtonians, I ride the Metro to work in the morning. My commute generally goes something like this; get on the train, put in my ear phones and tune out to my itunes. Pretty basic. Well this morning, my listening to Rick James was interrupted by a most interesting man, who did something so shocking and profound that it caused a stir amongst the other Metro passengers...he started a conversation with myself and another woman that was sitting near him. Yes, he went there and spoke to, get this, complete strangers.
Honestly, I was glad he verbally reached out to me, kind of shook my morning up a bit. We talked about sports in school, the Redskins and the ungodly cold temperatures. Clearly the woman sitting to my right was not feeling him. Not only was she rolling her eyes the whole time this gentleman was speaking she even went as far as to tell him to be quiet. I couldn't phatom the nerve of that bitch. The man was speaking at an appropriate noise level, conversing about sports and the weather and from what I could see was fairly sane.

Not to mention that we were on public transportation.

I mean really folks, when did talking become offensive? When did simply reaching out and saying, "Good morning, hope you enjoy your day" become a personal attack?
As the new year approaches I hope that we can all loosen up and learn to be more inviting to each other.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday Kind Of Love - Poetry Reading/Open mic

People either love or hate poetry readings. For some they conjur up images of smoky coffee shop filled with artsy fartsy people snapping and sub par poets going on and on about love and "the struggle". Luckily, this reading won't be like that. Well, not really it is technically at a coffee shop, but there will be no snapping and the poets are some of the best in the DC area. The open mic will be hosted by Katy Richey and Melissa Tuckey. Poets include Derrick Weston Brown and Dan Vera. If you have no idea who these people are, just click on their names, but trust me they are good!

Sunday Kind of Love will be at Bus Boys and Poets (2021 14th St NW).
On Sunday December 21 from 4-6PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beat Grinders

This is the 6th anniversary of the Beat Grinder competitions and this time around they are paying homage to Gil Scott Heron. Wondering what the hell a Beat Grinder Competition is, well it's a Washington DC beat making competition where ten producers will battle for the very coveted Beat Grinder Crown. It is said to be the "only beat making competition that matters for DC" I don't know about that, but it is the only one I've ever heard about. The event is hosted by Grap Luva and DJ's Underdog and Damu the Fudgemunk will be spinning.
Info: Wed. December 17, 2008. Beat Grinders starts at 9PM and goes until 2AM. @ Liv (2001 11th Street NW above Bohemian Caverns)

For more info email underdog@majordc.com

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Strange Bodies: Figurative Works from the Hirshhorn Collection

Remember the big naked guy on the bottom floor of the Hirshhorn? He's back! Along with a slew of other sculptures, paintings, and mixed media pieces representing the human form. The bulk of the pieces were donated by John Hirshhorn. The collection includes pieces by Ron Mueck, William De Kooning, and Julian Schnabel.

Strange Bodies runs December 11, 2008 to early 2010
For more information visit the Hirshhorn Museum

Friday, December 12, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion...

Just Like A Girl is one of the most interesting anthologies I have had the pleasure of reading. Each piece (all written by women) is so unique in form and content that it's impossible to slip this book into a particular genre. No subject is off limits, from dating thugs to breast, to masturbation. These women are fearless in their creativity.

For more information or to purchase the book visit GirlChild Press

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview w/ Dionne McDonald

Q: When did you start taking photos?

A:I started taking photos after I had my daughter in 05'. I was on leave, and had a lot of time to myself, it was then I discovered that I had a thing for photography.

Q: What are your inspirations?

A: I love real, raw life; that shit inspires me more than anything else. Human nature and how ugly we can be.On the flip, I enjoy a beautiful person as my subject moving past a "pose" and being their true self. I love working with a person and making them feel so comfortable, they shed the armor and show me their inner self.

Q:Any big projects coming up?

A:I am working on a coffee table book it'll just be images and poetry. It'll be available to the public late Spring ‘09

Q:What messages do you hope to convey with your work?

A:I like to inspire people to think outside of their comfort zones. I want people to find beauty in all aspects of life and to appreciate the struggle.

Q:How do feel when people say digital photography is not real photography?

A:I ignore it; what’s real anyway? With both film and digi you still prop and prep people, you still stage things, and the photos could still turn out to be a hot mess.
I think people who don't use digital cameras, think people that use digital cameras have it easier and in a way we do. Why wouldn’t you want to have it easy?
I could have a piece of shit camera and still catch something beautiful. I do feel its important to learn as much as you can about photography. I’ve actually been experimenting with film a lot lately.

Q:I notice you enjoy taking photos of the human form, why?

A:There is art to the human form. Body language is exciting! Lets someone know if you want them or hate them without saying a word. I think movement is sexy , gracefulness and strength .

Q:What’s your personal creative philosophy?

A:I have learned over the past few years, that I am more comfortable when I am myself wholeheartedly. If I’m feeling sexy and sexual I will more than likely create a photo that represents that vision. I infuse my work with whatever emotion I am feeling at the time.
Individuality drives me. Knowing that whatever I do, will never be the same as what someone else does. Creativity is not a competition, everyone has their own way of sharing their creative vision.. music, painting, writing, speaking, making love, being a parent, we each have our own gifts to share
I also believe in letting go and going with the flow of things!

Q: Where can we see your work?

A:I did all of the photos for SurockBeats.com and Bravenewbreed.com. I also did a spread for H.A.S. magazine

For more info on Dionne McDonald you can email her at Dionne.Marie@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Broke? You buy.

Aniekan is having a huge art sale. He is getting rid of all his older works to make way for more new and exciting pieces!

For more info email ChocolateMilkDC@gmail.com
Visit Aniekan at www.myspace.com/aniekan

Another event brought to you by the Pink Line Project (Phillipa Hughes). Should be interesting there will be a fashion show, live t-shirt stenciling and of course...a panel discussion.

Friday, December 12
6 - 11 pm
@ Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Boulevard
(Metro: Virginia Square)