Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost & Foundling

Eric Pfeffinger’s Lost Foundling is filled with adult innuendos but is animated enough to keep restless children entertained while keeping their parents laughing out loud. Lost and Foundling is a fairytale about a child named Pryce, played by Taisha Cameron who is raised in a mega Price Mart (think Wal Mart). Her family consists of Price Mart a cast of endearing and hilarious Price Mart employees. When Pyce turns ten she sets off to the other side of the store for an adventure that is equipped with monsters; the slasher and the demanding shopper and barriers such as the never-ending line. It’s truly an original play that children (over 6) and adults will love. I went to go see it alone and enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s very modern, fresh and even sarcastic at times.

The last showing of Lost and Foundling is this weekend, so pack up the kids (or just your self) and go see it!

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