Friday, May 7, 2010

Bassey World LIVE

If you are on Twitter and you are not following Bassey Ikpi, you just aren't doing it right.period.
Bassey Ikpi is a 5 time Def Poetry Jam Poet, blogger, writer, and all around hilarious woman. Her live poetry is amazing...I saw her do a poem on Britteny Spears mental breakdown and it actually made me care about Brittney for like two seconds.  At Bassey World Live Bassey will be performing spoken word, discussing pop culture, current events and relationships whilst being live streamed and interacting with her 4618 followers on Twitter. Accompanying her will be Danielle Belton (; Yesha Callahan ( and many others.  I know I say this a lot but you don't want to miss, you can't miss this.  So go get your tickets here

Bassey World Live will be performed at Liv Lounge 2001 11th Street NW Washington DC
Tickets: $13 @ the door (but I think some are left on Event Brite)