Monday, January 28, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

That illustration up there is from one of my all time favorite illustrators; Jason Sho Green. I wish I could give you the link to his site, but he seems to have disappeared from the internet.

The New Young Pony Club. I am obsessed with this band, right now. Their sound is so 80's
Check 'em out here

Zatinya. Yeah I know this restaurant has been around forever, but I just discovered how damn good the food is! If you get a chance check 'em out. It's the perfect date spot.

I have also rediscovered my love for U Street. U Street and I had a thing going on for years, but after they built that Starbucks, I had to break it off. Now, we are back to together again.

Plastic Land!!! I love this online store. Very cute, unique stuff. I have recently come to hate the term "funky", if I hadn't I might have used it to describe the clothes at Plastic Land. Visit Plastic Land here

I have also been feeling Jefferson Pinder's performance art and collages. I read about him in The Post a few weeks ago. I wanted to interview him for my blog, but things didn't work out.
Check out his site

Oh and FREELANCE..who will be having his first solo show this Wednesday at the Velvet Lounge. This cat has been putting in work on the underground hip hop scene for years, playing drums, keys and anything else you can imagine. Check him out here