Monday, January 14, 2008

Kissey Asplund

Internet killed the video, radio and any other type of star you can think of. Look at Tila Tequila, she started out as an internet (Myspace to be exact) sensation and now she has a show on MTV. On the other side of the spectrum is Kissey Asplund; Sweden’s new “it” girl. While Myspace and various radio blogs have helped her create a buzz, this girl actually has talent unlike some of her Myspace musical counterparts. Her style is fresh and creative, her beats are sick and her voice is smooth and mellow. She has collaborated with such musical geniuses such as, Dyno and Papa Jazz, just to name a few. With the on set of her Some What One Girl tour, an EP, and album all due out this year; she is busier than ever. Lucky for me I was able to catch up with her for this mini interview.

C.T.: Who are some of your musical influences?
Kissey: Beat makers influence me a lot! I’m influenced by everything from tribe called quest, The Roots, Waajeed, 90’s radio hits, ELO, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Beatles....I like a mix of things.

C.T.: How do you go about choosing beats and/or beat makers?
Kissey: I've actually heard/found them all through Myspace. Either someone said to me “Hey, you should check him out” or I've sent them a message About how wicked their soundscapes are or beat makers have hit me up and asked me to my voice over some of their beats.

C.T.: So, I know you are on tour, what else are you up to?
Kissey: There's an Ep coming out in the end of February entitled "Fuss'n'Fight", and my debut album Plethora will be out in March. Both on r2 records

C.T.: You are pretty busy. That's good. How long have you been into music?
Kissey: Well...I've played the piano since I was six, sung in choirs and went to music school from ages six till I was about nineteen. After that I stopped for some years and about two years ago I started again. But, music always been a "hobby" never really something that I planned on doing.

C.T.: What made you realize that music was something that you could do full time?
Kissey: I don't know really's more that it just escalated...suddenly I got more bookings, more beats, an album coming out....I recently quit my day job.

C.T.: Good for you! I wish I could quit my day job.
Kissey: I don't know if it's a good idea (laughs), but that’s how it is

C.T.: Your music and your style are heavily influenced by outer space. Are you in to sci-fi books, movies, etc.?
Kissey: I'm a nerd. I watched cartoons all my life (actually when I was younger one of my dream jobs was to become a inker for Marvel Comics). I love movies like Star Wars, 2001: Space Odyssey and fantasy books. I love the way the world is portrayed in science fiction movies

C.T.: I love your style. Have you thought about doing fashion design?
Kissey: I actually studied fashion one year, I love fashion and playing with silhouettes and colors, but I don't think I will launch a line...only if I could do a crazy line, like a line of helmets!

C.T.: Do you write all your own lyrics?
Kissey: Yes! I've only sung 1 song and 2 hooks that have been written for me. I find it's hard to sing lyrics that I didn’t write.. I have to feel it to make you (the audience) feel it.

C.T.: Do you prefer performing live or in the studio?
Kissey: I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I love standing in the studio, it's my meditation. But, I also love being on stage, I feel as if everything make sense when I’m on stage. It’s tricky to choose one over the other.

C.T.: What genre does your music fall into?
Kissey: I would call it Electro-soul. because of the electro-sound in the beats. Some put me in the Future Soul family.

C.T.: If you could work with any three artists dead or alive who would they be?
Kissey: Rick James, George Clinton, D'angelo, and Miles Davis

C.T.: I could so see you performing with George Clinton! I think you guys might be from the same planet!
Kissey: I saw him live once when I was 18 and it was heaven!!!
I never really listen to p-funk before that, but him coming out with that hair, his band; Wow!

Photo Credit: Åsa Sjöström for Sydsvenskan

For more information on Kissey Asplund visit her Myspace page