Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This morning...

Like many other Washingtonians, I ride the Metro to work in the morning. My commute generally goes something like this; get on the train, put in my ear phones and tune out to my itunes. Pretty basic. Well this morning, my listening to Rick James was interrupted by a most interesting man, who did something so shocking and profound that it caused a stir amongst the other Metro passengers...he started a conversation with myself and another woman that was sitting near him. Yes, he went there and spoke to, get this, complete strangers.
Honestly, I was glad he verbally reached out to me, kind of shook my morning up a bit. We talked about sports in school, the Redskins and the ungodly cold temperatures. Clearly the woman sitting to my right was not feeling him. Not only was she rolling her eyes the whole time this gentleman was speaking she even went as far as to tell him to be quiet. I couldn't phatom the nerve of that bitch. The man was speaking at an appropriate noise level, conversing about sports and the weather and from what I could see was fairly sane.

Not to mention that we were on public transportation.

I mean really folks, when did talking become offensive? When did simply reaching out and saying, "Good morning, hope you enjoy your day" become a personal attack?
As the new year approaches I hope that we can all loosen up and learn to be more inviting to each other.