Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview w/ Dionne McDonald

Q: When did you start taking photos?

A:I started taking photos after I had my daughter in 05'. I was on leave, and had a lot of time to myself, it was then I discovered that I had a thing for photography.

Q: What are your inspirations?

A: I love real, raw life; that shit inspires me more than anything else. Human nature and how ugly we can be.On the flip, I enjoy a beautiful person as my subject moving past a "pose" and being their true self. I love working with a person and making them feel so comfortable, they shed the armor and show me their inner self.

Q:Any big projects coming up?

A:I am working on a coffee table book it'll just be images and poetry. It'll be available to the public late Spring ‘09

Q:What messages do you hope to convey with your work?

A:I like to inspire people to think outside of their comfort zones. I want people to find beauty in all aspects of life and to appreciate the struggle.

Q:How do feel when people say digital photography is not real photography?

A:I ignore it; what’s real anyway? With both film and digi you still prop and prep people, you still stage things, and the photos could still turn out to be a hot mess.
I think people who don't use digital cameras, think people that use digital cameras have it easier and in a way we do. Why wouldn’t you want to have it easy?
I could have a piece of shit camera and still catch something beautiful. I do feel its important to learn as much as you can about photography. I’ve actually been experimenting with film a lot lately.

Q:I notice you enjoy taking photos of the human form, why?

A:There is art to the human form. Body language is exciting! Lets someone know if you want them or hate them without saying a word. I think movement is sexy , gracefulness and strength .

Q:What’s your personal creative philosophy?

A:I have learned over the past few years, that I am more comfortable when I am myself wholeheartedly. If I’m feeling sexy and sexual I will more than likely create a photo that represents that vision. I infuse my work with whatever emotion I am feeling at the time.
Individuality drives me. Knowing that whatever I do, will never be the same as what someone else does. Creativity is not a competition, everyone has their own way of sharing their creative vision.. music, painting, writing, speaking, making love, being a parent, we each have our own gifts to share
I also believe in letting go and going with the flow of things!

Q: Where can we see your work?

A:I did all of the photos for and I also did a spread for H.A.S. magazine

For more info on Dionne McDonald you can email her at