Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tom Terrell

On November 29, 2007 we lost one of the best music journalist the DC area has ever known; Tom Terrell. Tom Terrell was a phenomenal music journalist who could smell good music miles away. According to his friends he always knew what was going on and never missed a beat. In addition to being a journalist, he was also a DJ and a photographer.
He got his start DJ’ing at DC Space in the late 70’s. From what I hear DC Space was the DC area’s premiere space for artist and musicians, kind of like Bus Boys and Poets, but without the stuffy commercial after taste. He also hosted numerous radio shows on stations across the area including; WPFW. He has written articles for Vibe, Essence, The Washington Citypaper and so many more magazines. His writing style was one of a kind. As soon as you start to read an article by him, you can tell this is a man that is comfortable with his “voice”. So many of us writers struggle to find our voice, but his just poured out into anything he wrote.
Tom Terrell will be greatly missed.

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