Friday, December 14, 2007


In the Spring of 2007 the Transformer Gallery began a “flat file” of unframed works ranging in sizes 16" x 20" and smaller. Wall/paper highlights a number of pieces from this file including works by Andy Kozlowski and Lisa Marie Thalhammer. If the aforementioned artist’s names mean nothing to you don’t feel bad, I have included links to their sites so that when you go to the exhibit you can chat it up with all the artsy folks and not feel all uncultured and stuff. Transformer Gallery mainly showcases contemporary artist and their works, so if that is your thing then this is your exhibit. There 2007-2008 exhibition series is supported by a vast array of foundations including the Andy Warhol Foundation and The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

The opening reception is Saturday, December 15, 2007, 7-9pm. The exhibit runs through January 19, 2008

For more information on the exhibit visit Transformer Gallery
For more info. on Lisa Marie Thalhammer click here
And for Andy Kozlowski click here